Review, Shrimp, Easy, Fast, $$Kylie Thompson

Review: Our First HelloFresh Meal

Review, Shrimp, Easy, Fast, $$Kylie Thompson
Review: Our First HelloFresh Meal

Recipe from HelloFresh.

We decided to try out HelloFresh after receiving a half off coupon in the mail. We've done both Plated and Blue Apron before ultimately deciding that the value wasn't really there for either of the services at their respective full prices.

With the coupon though, we thought 'what the hell, half off food, let's go for it!" and today I received my first box and made the first recipe: Citrus Skillet Shrimp.

I decided, at the very end of the recipe, that I would make a review of this, so I didn't end up taking pictures of how it was packaged, but, I can say, it was very neatly packed. There's a nice little recipe card and all the ingredients are packed in individual recipe boxes. I did like that the boxes indicate the priority of how you should make the recipes. The box said to eat the shrimp first, so, here we are.

One of the reasons I loved Blue Apron and Plated in the beginning is because we usually got pretty interesting ingredients to work with – caperberries in one recipe, granulated honey in another, and so on. This recipe was just, frankly, uninteresting. The final product wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. My husband thought it tasted fine, but I thought the flavors were a little weird – oregano, citrus, poblano, and black olives all created a murky, kind of bitter flavor. Oh! And speaking of the olives, the recipe indicated green olives, however, I was sent black olives. I do think green olives would have had a nicer flavor. My other issue is with their depiction of the meal. Poblano peppers are quite dark and their photo shows a pepper which is a very bright green. They also describe poblano peppers as being sweet, however, the flavor is generally known as being somewhat smoky.

I also thought the nutritional variety of the ingredients was pretty lame; it felt like someone just raided their fridge and threw all their odds and ends together to make a bizarre little meal. And that, in and of itself, isn't bad...but not when you're spending $10 per plate only to have your husband grumble that he's still hungry an hour later!

The one pro I would give is that I did feel they were quite generous with the shrimp and we both received a nice helping of shrimp on our plate.

Overall, my first immediate thoughts is that I would choose Blue Apron over HelloFresh just because Blue Apron tends to provide more interesting and slightly more complex recipes and ingredients.

I will reserve final, final judgement after I make the rest of the recipes though!


Serves: 2 (Barely)

Cost: Approximately $9.99 per serving.*

Value: 2/5

Cost: $$

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Make: About 30 minutes

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