Review: Our Second HelloFresh Meal

Review: Our Second HelloFresh Meal

Recipe from HelloFresh.

I recently wrote a review about our first meal with HelloFresh. I said I was going to reserve final, final judgement until I got through all the recipes and I figured I'd review each recipe individually along the way.

Tonight I made the Mozzarella-Crusted Chicken and while this meal was definitely an improvement over the Citrus Skillet Shrimp, I still found the recipe to be lacking in areas.

See those little flecks of green on the chicken? Those herbs weren't included in the recipe.

See those little flecks of green on the chicken? Those herbs weren't included in the recipe.

This is small, but still annoying to me. The photo used by HelloFresh depicts a freshly chopped herb used as a garnish for the entire dish, however, there are no herbs included in the recipe. Again, this is SO small, but it's still a dishonest representation of what you're receiving.

hellofresh_2 (2 of 5).jpg

The ingredients for this recipe are above.  So far, I think my biggest gripe with HelloFresh is the lack of variety in their vegetables. Looking at Blue Apron's cookbook, I'm seeing recipes with greens and healthy starches, nuts, broccoli, and barley, and even beets, citrus, and grains. So far, with HelloFresh, the ingredients have just been so basic. To be frank, I don't feel like HelloFresh offers the same creativity or interesting ingredients that Blue Apron does.

Taste-wise, my husband and I both feel like this recipe was a tiny bit stronger (he thinks the difference is pretty small). But, the value is just not there. If you're looking for meals that are interesting and exciting and are looking to be introduced to new and different ingredients, I would definitely recommend Blue Apron over HelloFresh.


Serves: 2

Cost: Approximately $9.99 per serving.*

Value: 2/5

Cost: $$

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Make: About 30 minutes

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