Pork Chops with Creamy, Cheesy Polenta and Pan-Fried Shallots and Chili Peppers

Fried pork chops are one of my sinfully guilty pleasures. Like Emeril, I'm a big fan of pork fat, and juicy bone-in pork chops have just the right amount of fat around the bone that make these bad boys just dang tasty.

Popular Right Now: Beef Noodle Soup with Sesame Chili Oil

This beef noodle soup is the perfect way to end the year AND slurp your way into January! It's warming, filling, and just oh-so-tasty.
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Roasted Root Vegetable Breakfast Hash

This is the perfect breakfast hash to use up those odds and ends hanging out in your fridge. Any combination of root veggie will work perfectly and paired with the delicious maple-lemon vinaigrette and a perfectly cooked egg, the final result is so tasty.

Simple Ground Beef with Tomatoes, Harissa, and Roasted Potatoes

Is there anything better than a simple ground beef recipe? This recipe is SO simple but packed full of flavor. Roasting the potatoes and shallots gives them a nice golden-brown color and enhances their flavor a bit instead of boiling them right in the tomatoes.

Mayo Chicken Thighs

Mayo Chicken Thighs are now my most and least favorite way to make chicken. How can it be both, you ask? Well, it tastes delicious and juicy and spicy and all sorts of other good things. But, these Mayo Chicken Thighs are terrible for my diet and I can only indulge in a little bit when I actually want to eat the entire plate.